Update on White German Shepherd Luka from Kim


Hi Doug! Hope you are well.
It’s been a while so thought I’d check in and give you some updates.

Luka is 85lbs now and stands at about 27”,, he wouldn’t stand still, kept trying to grab the tape measure!! He’s a big puppy!! LOL.

He has been a handful at times, (like you said) onery and defiant , but so loving. He enjoys scratches and is good about getting brushed. He loves chewing on Bully sticks and tree branches. But his nose !! My other shepherds used their noses but not like this guy. He can smell a dog coming down the street and alert us to it even before I can see it!! His favorite game is Find It ,,, so we’ll probably continue with nose work classes and see where that takes us as he matures into his full GSD potential !!

Take care
Kim and Luka


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