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Maldasha at Blue Spring

Beautiful pure white German shepherd puppies available.  Bred for intelligence and white color, our white German shepherd dogs are highly intelligent and want to learn; capable for any purpose – police, seeing eye dog, search and rescue.

Our white shepherd dogs are very loyal with steadfast allegiance.  They’re excellent with children (herding instinct, fearless protector) and make great family security dogs.  They will bond tight with you.

All our puppies and dogs are registered as purebred German Shepherd Dogs and come with registration app., are vet checked  and  guaranteed as strong healthy pups.


Our white German shepherd dogs




Deuce 10 months old

Deuce 2 years old

Puppies 2 weeks old

Jett, Faith, and Levee at Big Oak Tree State Park visitor center

Deuce and First Frost

Deuce and Frosty

Male puppy 4 weeks old

Maldasha fetch with the blue ball


Arctic I

Thunder and Lobo






What owners of our puppies have to say


Got our girl home to Minnesota. Little freaked out by the snow and the zero temps. She is doing great. I’ve had a lot of dogs and several white shepherds but she clearly has potential to be the best yet. She is a lovable sweetheart. Also fairly adventuresome. In and out of tight spaces outside and crawling over a pretty sizable and messy rock pile. Anyway, thank you.  Tom


Ziggy is awesome! My 3 yr old hugs and lays with him and he sleeps at the door of her room at night.  Sara


Thanks so much Doug. Can’t put into words what this dog means. Proud to be the guardian of such joy.  Joe


You have beautiful dogs, it’s very evident you are a great breeder and trainer. Thank you so very much, trust me when I say he will be loved and cherished. Take care.  Sharon


The puppy I received, 8 week old female Legacy was beyond my expectations, she was everything I was promised and more!  Everyone who meets her loves her, she is the sweetest smartest thing.  She is excelling in her obedience and her service dog training, I am very blessed for that.  Thank you Doug!  Lori


Hi Doug, just wanted to pass along our delight in this pup, he’s huge and so smart it’s astounding. 

John B. Wells  –  former Coast to Coast talk show host, now at Caravan to Midnight


Our dog Luna is all you said she would be and more,beautiful,intelligent,we love her so much!  Thank you,  Heidi     P.S. She is fantastic!


Hello Doug, I just thought I’d share how life has been going with Ghost. We got him from you back in July 2014. Ghost is the most amazing dog. He is the most loyal, the most loving, protective, and smartest dog I have ever known.  Have a great day!  Sincerely, Andrea


Gunther White German Shepherds Puppy Guarantee

Congratulations on the purchase of your new white German shepherd puppy!  Everything has been done to insure he/she gets the best start possible. The puppy has been started on its vaccination series, dewormed, vet checked, and given lots of T.L.C.

1) In the event this puppy has a life threatening genetic defect, within three years of purchase.
2) Upon receipt of the pup, and confirmed by our vet, you have your choice of a new puppy.

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