Thunder – 4 years old


When you go out to buy aluminum siding, copywriting or consulting services, you have a choice: You can demand that the work meets the industry spec, a fair product at a fair price. Or, you can seek something better than average, something worth paying extra for.

Most TV ads, most car services, most airplane flights–they’re mediocre. That’s a choice.

If you want to buy creative work that’s exceptional, you’ll need to pay for it (and accept the risk that it might not work out as planned).


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This entry was posted on October 14, 2019.

It’s a Good Morning


Thou abidest within me;

Thou art alive there now;

Thou hast all power;

Thou art now the answer to all I desire;

Thou art now guiding my hands and directing my footsteps in the way I go.


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Hello Doug, this is an odd request and I certainly understand if you are not interested in helping me out. I wish we had found you sooner. We have already adopted a a 12 week old pup and we are devoted to caring for but we have concerns and I thought you might be able to answer a few questions.

First of which is I wonder what you might know about xxxxxxxx Shepherds. I think we were a bit impulsive and felt a little rushed into making a decision and of course we must love the dear girl we have in our home now. But I wish we had looked around more.

I appreciate so much all that you have put into your site, it seems like you are a great breeder and would have been someone we would have felt comfortable staying in touch with. Unfortunately that is not the case with the breeder we went with. Let me know if you are willing to answer a few questions.

Thank you, xxxx


Hi xxxx, nice talking with you yesterday.
Pups are so fun, such a challenge.
Let me know how things go.
You can call me any time.
Any time, Doug
You were so kind to take the time. There are so many great things about her. You reassured me.
Thank you!
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