All My Life

When you express your power without limits, remarkable things happen.

The veil of illusion melts away.

You meet yourself on new ground.

You know what your freedom is for.

Without imposing on the freedom of others, you live the life you always wanted.

Jon Rappoport – Power Outside the Matrix



I believe this must be the same Gunther white German Shepherd facility that I was in contact with a few years ago.

I’m hoping so anyway but really like to see more pictures of your dogs and puppies again and am interested in purchasing one or more puppies in the future


Hi  —–,
I remember your name, tell me where you live and it will jog my memory.
I think you got one of our pups.
One or more?  Tell me more about that too.
Sincerely,  Doug
Hi Doug, yes I was kind of following your letter that you used to send out showing your pups as you were training them. I live in ——- —– Michigan which is in the Upper Peninsula straight north of Green Bay Wisconsin about a hundred and thirty miles. I never did buy one of your pups but I really like them. And as for more than one pup we were just thinking about the possibility of whelping a litter at some point in the future.
I’m a truck driver and I’m looking for a breed that is gentle and intelligent enough to be around a very young child and also my wife while I’m on the road but also a good guard dog without being overly aggressive. I’ve seen some big large boned white German shepherds that I was really impressed with and have been told they are the kind of guard dog that I’m looking for.
I guess what I’m trying to say is we want a loyal and loving pet first but if the situation was ever to arise the dog would not hesitate to protect my family. Which I hope that situation would never arise but when I’m on the road I always worry about the safety of my family.
Hey —–,
Ya, there all of that.  They can be over aggressive if they aren’t socialized really well.
They’re kind of one family dogs, anyone that lives there or comes over.
That’s what people are buying are dogs for – protection.  For sure there is crazy out there.
I like guns too.
At this point we are selling them as pet/companion.
At 1 year old they should be spayed/neutered.
You lose the bad parts, but they have all the instincts/aggression of unaltered.
As far as breeding, the bad parts, man it’s a lot different than what you think.
It can be frustrating and heartbreaking.  I really don’t make that much off the pups.  They pay for the food, meds., and on and on.
I have 9 adults.  I have a farming/animal background, and I do love the rascals.
We have had unreal cold here, I know it’s worse where you live.
Stay warm.
Sincerely,  Doug
Hey —–,
I am going to have another litter that will be born around March 1st.
Also, I was looking through our exchanges of mail and I’d like to ask you if I can post it in my Journal.
Without your name or any identifiers.
You really express yourself well.
Anyways, just wanted to let you know about the upcoming litter.
Sure Doug that’s no problem you can use our Exchange if you like.

I don’t know if I’ll have the cash on hand for a puppy that soon because we are having a baby in March but I still love to watch them grow on your website.
A new baby!  That’s a lot bigger.
I’m very happy with you.
Thanks, I’ll adjust it just a bit.
Nice talking to you, email or call anytime.
I love people on my website!
Take good care of new Mom.
Sincerely,  Doug



What We Hear

What you say is not nearly as important as what we hear.

Which means that the words matter, and so does the way we say them. And how we say them. And what we do after we say them.

It takes two to be understood. Not just speaking clearly, but speaking in a way that you can be understood.

Empathy is not sufficient. Compassion is more useful, because it’s possible to talk to someone who is experiencing something that you’ve never experienced.

Seth Godin

Any Path With Heart

“For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path that may have heart,

and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length–

and there I travel looking, looking breathlessly.”

The Teachings of Don Juan

What will you commit to doing this year?

2018 is here and it’s our most important year yet. 2017 was all about celebrating those who do. Launching our “In Doers We Trust” campaign was our undertaking to put doers in the center – to celebrate and rally the risk-takers, the creators and the non-traditionalists. But, as we were thinking about our own New Year’s resolutions for this year, we lamented that these statements are often quickly ignored and become empty promises gone unfulfilled.

So, we decided that this year needs to be about actually doing more and not about just promising ourselves more. I’m talking about actually making a commitment. A commitment to your passion. A commitment to yourself. A commitment that can’t be swept aside or saved for another day.

This commitment is a lifestyle. A daily goal to grab every opportunity and take every chance to do more.

So, in that spirit, we’re claiming 2018 as The Year of Do.

What have you done today? Have you accomplished what you set out to?