Available Puppies

Puppies born September 25, 2020

We have 2 male puppies available


Our black and gray/tan  male German Shepherd puppies are 1,000 each

The pups are 80% black  (the mother is 50% black, the father is pure white)


father of the puppies


mother of the puppies


November 5, 2020

Male puppy -1

Male puppy – 2




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Our White German Shepherd Puppies


They’ll make your home brighter


Our white German shepherd puppies are 1,800 each

Your welcome to come see our dogs and puppies, let me know in advance and we’ll arrange it

All our dogs and puppies are registered as purebred white German Shepherd Dogs

You’ll get –  registration app.   and all health and vaccination records at pickup/delivery

Picking your puppy up here is preferred

I can also personally deliver your new puppy to your home


We are located 4 miles from Redford, Missouri


About Me

That’s me

I grew up on a farm in northeast Colorado.  We had all the farm animals, cats, and 3 German Shepherd Dogs – one of the German Shepherds was a White.

 After H.S. I worked on farms and ranches with cattle and horses, I have extensive animal knowledge.  Here’s a book that was just written about a ranch I worked on for 3 years – the 70 Ranch

The 70 Ranch: Colorado & the West


I have been raising White German Shepherds for over 20 years, and  have trained many White German Shepherd dogs.  I am constantly learning and improving my skills and you can realize how well imprinted our puppies are.


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