Feeding 101




White German Shepherds are large, active dogs that need the right amount of protein and other beneficial ingredients to remain healthy. Labels can get confusing, but the tips below can help you decipher what you’re reading and make sure your White German Shepherd puppy has the best quality food during the puppy stage and as he or she reaches adulthood.


Choosing the Right Food for your White German Shepherd Puppy


Protein as a first ingredient: Just like food for people, dog food labels list the ingredients by weight – so the first ingredient should be a high-quality protein. “Chicken”, “Beef” or “Salmon” are all good ingredients to see listed first – corn or other grains listed first should be avoided.

Grains are good – in moderation: While you would not want a grain to be the primary ingredient in your dog’s food, grains like brown rice help provide energy and support a healthy weight. Brown rice, oatmeal, barley and other beneficial grains are ideal; corn and wheat are cheaper, filler ingredients which can give dogs digestive troubles.

Natural nutrition: Small amounts of healthy vegetables will help keep your dog’s coat glossy and support his keen senses. Vitamins also help boost your dog’s immune system and further assures his good health.

A careful readthrough of labels with the factors above will help you choose a food that supports your White German Shepherd dog’s needs at every stage of life so he stays healthy, active and fit.


Here at Gunther White German Shepherds we feed all of our adult dogs and puppies Black Gold dog food in the black bag.  Feed a high quality 4 star dry dog food to your new puppy, you can choose one from this list.