How – and Why – to Socialize your White German Shepherd Puppy

Jett, Faith and Levee at Big Oak Tree State Park


Your new puppy is ready to explore, and one of the first lessons you can teach him is how to interact with the world around him. He’ll already have basic social skills, thanks to his mother and siblings, but exposing him to new people, animals and environments will give him confidence and prevent him from apprehending new things in the future. When you take him out and give him the opportunity to have positive interactions with others, your teaching him the world is a wonderful place.

Three Ways to Socialize your New German Shepherd Puppy

Puppy Class
There’s not a whole lot of formal learning in a puppy class. Your white German shepherd will be one of the more perceptive pups in the group and will pick up the fundamentals, but the most important part of a puppy session is socialization. Your pup will learn to play and interact with other puppies and he’ll get plenty of mental exercise. These interactions will help teach your puppy how to greet and play with other dogs, in a risk free, positive setting.

On the Go
Take your new pup with you to the store or for other outings, most people can’t resist a puppy and will greet him with enthusiasm. Most pet stores allow you to bring your dog along – and so do a number of home improvement stores, including large chains like Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Invite some Friends
Once your new puppy is settled in at home, invite some friends over to meet him. He will already be confident and comfortable in his home setting, and exposing him to new people of a variety of shapes, sizes, attitudes and ages will help socialize him. In this controlled setting, your pup can greet the new visitors at his own pace and conclude that there is nothing to fear from someone new.

Socialization as a puppy benefits your white German Shepherd dog throughout his life and will prevent fear or reluctance when it comes to entering new situations.