The Importance of Early Training


When it comes to successful dog training – its important to start early. The first few months are particularly important as any behavior that has been learned will stay with your dog throughout his life. Ideally, this learning process should continue for up to two years.

If you are the proud owner of a German shepherd puppy try to begin training as soon as the dog is in your home – just as you would immediately start teaching a newborn baby how to behave around other babies or animals. All family members should learn to handle the new puppy and be comfortable with the new addition to the family, however only one person should undertake most, if not all of the training.

Dogs thrive on a routine, so try to have one that works around your job and other commitments. It’s a good idea to introduce a new puppy into your home during a quiet time. Training at this stage should include obedience and hygiene, as well eliminating any bad habits, such as chewing on shoes or begging for food.

The first few months in your home are some of the most important to a puppy – many of an older dog’s behavioral problems can be traced back to this period. Experts say that a dog’s experiences between that ages of three and twelve weeks are the most critical and the ideal age to acquire a puppy is at about eight weeks old.

This includes getting the animal used to any other pets and family members, as well as house training and teaching you dog to use a lead effectively. And any routines which will become part of your dog’s later life should be introduced at an early age, if at all possible. During much of your puppy’s early training, the two most widely used words will be “no” and his name.

You should also make a point of exposing your puppy to different objects, as well as people. Introduce your puppy to such everyday – but potentially scary – things as toys, bicycles, large boxes, and even an umbrella. It’s also recommended to take a puppy for short car rides, letting the window down occasionally.

A dog is a lifelong commitment. Begin your training early and you have a better chance of avoiding problems in later life.


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